Howdy there! All of you SEXY CHICA BABES!
Feast your eyes and appetite with our clothes, clothes, clothes and more CLOTHES! Ahhhhh...! How can we sexy chicas have enuf of them? WINK WINK!
Enjoy viewing and buying clothes that has been specially hand picked by our team of Dollies!

Our team of Dollies will jet set around the REGION and... if...hehe.. Mother Purse permits.. around the WORLD- To bring you closest to the fashion scene.
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So my Dearie Dear Sexy Chicas, stay TUNED

HARD ROCK CAFE Pre Order- Stockholm SWEDEN

Hellooooo Gals!!!

SCB is in Stockholm Sweden On a holiday!!!
We are now taking p-orders fer hard HARD ROCK CAFE t-shirts /merchandise.

e-mail me now and the link of the items.
will reply your e- mail ASAP!


Pre order closing date: 31 sept 2009

Gosh!!! SCB had so much fun at The ASD Bazaar last month.. Wanted to share wif you all wat fun we had.. as they say, a picture paint a thousand words... ahahhaa.. U all wanna see some photos? Grrrreat! I like the enthusiasm!!! ekeke! SCB sadly has no photos to show! How silly are we..not even one of us thought of taking photos.. Its supposed to go into our diary.. and create history lah! tsk tsk tsk! Hadn't we learnt from others who had experienced the same.. Blame it on the excitement..

Nevermind, its still not too late.. Our NEXT showup.. we will remember to tapao our camera & takes zillions of photos to compensate the 1st time. Can arr like that?

Glance to the right side and you will see 2 upcoming bazaar. SCB would lurve to have you there and share the joy with us. We actually got addicted to the adrenalin rush of setting up a stall and watching u all walking away wif a big grin on the face after you know u had a great bargain!

Neway, we have lotsa more stuffs that we haven't posted yet in our blog. Spreads the news to all other chicas to come and dig some treasures! Wink!