Howdy there! All of you SEXY CHICA BABES!
Feast your eyes and appetite with our clothes, clothes, clothes and more CLOTHES! Ahhhhh...! How can we sexy chicas have enuf of them? WINK WINK!
Enjoy viewing and buying clothes that has been specially hand picked by our team of Dollies!

Our team of Dollies will jet set around the REGION and... if...hehe.. Mother Purse permits.. around the WORLD- To bring you closest to the fashion scene.
Absolutely Affordable lah! No cut throat price wokey...
So my Dearie Dear Sexy Chicas, stay TUNED

SCB 1st Bazaar! THE CREST

Hey Chica Babes, SUI CHA BOH will be participating in our 1st bazaar! yay! We hope you chicas out there will give us lotsa support! We have FREEBIES for you! WINK****
So see you there on the 25th SATURDAY. Booth Number 28
SCB will only be there on SATURDAY as we are not free on Sunday lah:(