Howdy there! All of you SEXY CHICA BABES!
Feast your eyes and appetite with our clothes, clothes, clothes and more CLOTHES! Ahhhhh...! How can we sexy chicas have enuf of them? WINK WINK!
Enjoy viewing and buying clothes that has been specially hand picked by our team of Dollies!

Our team of Dollies will jet set around the REGION and... if...hehe.. Mother Purse permits.. around the WORLD- To bring you closest to the fashion scene.
Absolutely Affordable lah! No cut throat price wokey...
So my Dearie Dear Sexy Chicas, stay TUNED

Supre Pre Order till 3pm today!!!

Hey there chica babes!!!

A reminder that our pre-order will be open until 3pm today!! Do let the orders comes pouring in !!!

At the meantime, fer those who had ordered:          

  • pei ying
  • alexis
  • marianne
  • jennifer phung
  • lily ng
  • nana
  • amelia
  • love bite
  • izzati
  • adessa
  • contessa lee
  • lizbeth

Do anticipate yer purchases soon!!! wink!

thanks lots!